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Workstyle Profiler:

The workplace survey you've been waiting for

Workstyle Profiler:

The workplace survey you've been waiting for

Key features include:

Strengthens collaborative cultures

Gives employees insight into leadership’s aspirations and concerns

Ensures employees feel like their opinions are truly valued

Designed to provide a highly engaging experience

Builds trust through transparency 

Employees can see how others have responded instantly, not months later

Rewards employees for their full attention

Provides valuable insights and a work-style profile unique to each respondent at the end 

We help organisations navigate workplace design transformations

Our digital survey is designed to collect reliable opinion based data, nurture cultures built on collective empowerment and encourage individuals through the challenging process of behavioural change.

We achieve this by reimagining the traditional workplace survey.

Rather than viewing it as one-way interaction, we exploit its true potential - as a valuable two-way interaction between employees and leadership.

Our surveys have been used by leading global corporates to design world class workplaces and to build trust with their employee communities

Inspires trust through transparency by revealing how others have responded

The 'reveal responses' function allows respondents to see how others have answered, encouraging a change in mindset from a space 'designed for me' to a space 'designed for us'

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Create a survey bespoke to your organisation

Many clients request a customised version of the survey. This can include integrating the organisation's brand identity, such as brand colours; fonts; typography and general graphic style.

The most impactful surveys are those which represent the purpose and personality of the organisation. For example, Expedia Group wanted a travel narrative so the work-personas presented to employees at the end of the survey included a 'happy camper'; 'city breaker'; 'global backpacker' and 'world cruiser'.

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Uses gamification to encourage behavioural change

Our in-survey quiz breaks down employees resistance to change, the biggest barrier to positive transformation. It achieves this by tackling common misconceptions and concerns in an engaging and entertaining way

Step 1:
Survey Design

We can help you establish your surveys objectives - what you want to know, why you want to know it and what action you may need to take depending on the results.

Alternatively, you may have a pre-designed survey you need us to facilitate.

Step 2:
Survey Distribution

Once your survey is finalised, we will help you decide the best form of distribution, whether it be via your intranet as a link, pop-up or embedded; via an email invite, SMS or QR code; or on social media.

Our surveys are anonymised and are UK GRDP compliant.

Step 3:
Survey Report

Once the survey is closed, we will produce a report which will consist of a results dashboard, survey insights and recommendations specific to your objectives.


Additional services are available including auditing your existing workplace design and floor-plans in the context of the survey results. 

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Monitor results on a dashboard and receive an actionable report once the survey is complete

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Promotes unity and shared purpose by giving employees insight into leadership’s aspirations and concerns

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Collects reliable data by rewarding respondents

Motivates respondents to invest their time and attention in the survey by rewarding them with their very own work-profile avatar, based on their response to key questions - Work-profiles include Connector, Creator, Generator and Thinker


In addition each respondent receives tailored insights into  how  environmental science can improve the way they work

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