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Our Mission

I have spent 27 years helping organisations of all shapes and sizes create their ideal workplace environments. Workplace strategy and design have become increasingly sophisticated during this time, and now play a pivotal role in the performance of employees and ultimately the success of a business.

During this period one vital element hasn’t evolved: the employee workplace survey.  Typically uninspiring, tedious, monotonous and repetitive, their presentation, structure and format serves no-one.  Employees are disengaged and many don’t invest time or energy in answering questions accurately; employers miss the opportunity to gain truly valuable insights and build strong trusting relationships.


So, we decided to create our own survey.  This is a survey that employees actually enjoy engaging with; a survey which is transactional, where respondents are motivated to give questions their full attention because they get something in return - insight into how they can be better served by the working environment. A survey that offers transparency, so employees can see how others have responded - not months after the survey closes, but as questions are answered.  And a survey that enables an exchange of information, giving employees insight into leadership’s aspirations and concerns.

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